About me

Following the completion of my university degree and PGCE in English Literature, I started teaching English in secondary schools – something that still takes up a portion of my time.

Although I had always practised yoga sporadically back then, my exercise routine mostly consisted of running and time spent in the gym. It wasn’t until 2007, when I was pregnant with my first child, that I first fell in love with yoga. I found it helped, both physically and mentally, during pregnancy and labour. After my children were born – I had three in close succession – I found that whenever I had the opportunity to practise (which was hard with three children under five years of age), I grabbed it, and always felt rejuvenated and energised afterwards.

It was in 2013, when my youngest was just one, that I felt an increasing urge to practise more often and on a deeper level. I was soon hooked! I found the more time I spent doing yoga, the better I felt, and this opened up more space for me to spend quality time with my lovely family, more determination to stay on top of my busy and demanding job (Head of English in a secondary school) and more reason to keep falling deeper and deeper in love with yoga and its benefits – again and again.

Over the years, yoga, wellness and Literature have become my greatest passions – alongside, of course, my family and friends.

In April 2019, I became a Yoga Alliance certified teacher and completed my training with Imir Frazer and David Michel as part of the Parampara School Of Yoga. It was a truly wonderful experience which encouraged me to push my physical boundaries whilst simultaneously journeying inwards. Upon completion, I was immediately excited to embrace every opportunity of spreading the uplifting benefits of this amazing practice and sharing its magic – and it was out of this joy that my company, Yogavana, was borne. Since then, I have added 50 additional hours of Ashtanga and 40 hours of Hot Static (Bikram) to my initial 200 hour training.

It seemed a natural progression, a few years later, to get certified as a Life Coach too; it was becoming increasingly apparent to me just how effective I was at helping and encouraging people to grow in confidence, take opportunities and embrace their highest and best selves.

My beautiful world of wellness continues to grow and I am deeply grateful for all the wonderful people I am lucky enough to meet along the way.

“You are your best thing.”