Yogavana offers small, intimate yoga classes in a beautiful home studio in Bromley, situated only a five minute walk from Bromley South Station.

Classes are limited to a maximum of eight yogis per class, and are friendly and encouraging. Although sessions are strong, beginners are certainly welcome – variations, options and props are offered along the way. There is always a deep and nourishing relaxation at the end of classes, and students leave feeling like they have not only worked out, but also worked inwards.

As somebody who has worked with 11-18-year-olds in a school setting since the year 2000, as a teacher and a Head of English, I have ample experience in ensuring that all students in my classes are valued; I encourage a safe, enjoyable, spiritual practice in which my tagline really comes into play – rousing kindness of the heart whilst cultivating a clear and open mind, and building a strong, supple, flexible body.

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“The stuff that dreams are made on”